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Favnir is a tool for exporting Microsoft Internet Explorer Favorites (Bookmarks). You can use Favnir for example to create HTML link lists, or to create a CSV (comma separated text) file which you can then import into a spreadsheet program. Internet Explorer Favorites are files with the extension .url.

Status: Freeware; modify and use it at your own risk. I'd be glad if you left a comment in the source file about the original author, Joachim Pimiskern.

Download favnir1.0.zip


Unzip the downloaded file into a new directory. The exe is located in the dcu directory below the source code directory. You will need at least the .exe and the .ini file. The .ini file contains some predefined schemes (see below for an explanation).


A scheme is a set of text patterns that may contain variables. Each of the text patterns corresponds to an event that occurs while analyzing a directory tree. The text patterns for a scheme can be edited from within Favnir or by manipulating favnir.ini.

Event Explanation Variables
Header Start of processing. Top of result file.  
Footer End of processing. Bottom of result file.  
Folder Header Whenever a directory is entered. $title0, $title1
Folder Footer Whenever a directory is left. $title0, $title1
URL Data When a .URL file is processed. $path0, $path1, $path2, $url, $title0, $title1,
$day, $month, $year

Variable Explanation
$title0 File or directory name. If there is an extension '.url', it is removed.
$title1 Same as $title0, but Umlauts encoded.
$path0 A path as it is.
$path1 A path with HTML encoding of Umlauts and other special characters.
The start directory prefix is removed.
$path2 Same as $path1, but backslashes replaced by blanks.
$url The URL, a link to a resource in the internet.
$day Today's day.
$month Today's month.
$year Today's year.

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