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AUGOS - The Automatic Go Player

© 1987-2011 by Joachim Pimiskern. Last update December 25, 2011

This is the download site of the go program AUGOS (Automatischer Go-Spieler). Older versions were developed for the VAX 11 780, the Atari 1040 ST, and the C64. Here the PC versions are published. The versions AUGOS 4 until AUGOS 6 are freely downloadable, since Go players are often pupils / students and majorily don't earn an own income. Nevertheless I don't publish the source code trying to secure being a nose ahead from other Go programmers and to reserve the right to possibly develop commercial versions in a couple of years.


There are no brute-force algorithms to handle the game Go. Instead, methods of artificial intelligence (AI) are required to acchieve some success. With AUGOS I want to prove that my theories on intelligence are correct.


Augos 4 has been developed in Turbo Pascal and gets its strength from a built-in Lisp interpreter (INFLISP) and an expert system written in Lisp.

Download the file go.exe and uncompress it into a new directory. The program AUGOS.EXE is the main program. Note that the DOS environment variable TEMP must be set. Eventually a line like SET TEMP=C:\TEMP must be added to your AUTOEXEC.BAT. Should a runtime error 200 occur on Win32 systems, this might be caused by the memory management. In this case, create a link (pif-file) in the desktop folder, and edit the properties with the right mouse key: play a little bit with the memory settings.

AUGOS version 4 Screenshot

AUGOS 5 for Windows 3.11

Augos 5 has been developed in Borland Delphi 1. It should run under Windows 3.11, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, OS/2, and Wabi. It was tested on a 486 PC with 50 MHz and 8 MB RAM.

The strength seems to be less than 20 kyu.

Download the file augos5.zip and uncompress it into a new directory.

AUGOS 6 for Windows 95, 98, NT

Augos 6 was developed on a Pentium 233 with 32 MB RAM in Borland Delphi 3.
Download the file augos6.zip (1,685,593 bytes) and uncompress it into a new directory.

That's the first version with SGF support and a language component. Consider yourself as a beta tester.
AUGOS version 6 screenshot

AUGOS 7 for Windows XP, Windows Vista. Requires the .NET Framework 2.0, which is already included in these operating systems.

Please download the file augos7.zip (110.592 Bytes), copy it into a new directory and unzip it.

This is a foretaste of the next version of Augos. A download is only recommended for absolute beginners, since many concepts of Go are not yet implemented into this version. Board sizes can be choosen between 2*2 and 21*21.

Augos 7 was developed with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 in C#.

AUGOS version 7 screenshot


All the AUGOS programs are free downloadable and furthermore in the state of development. Therefore I take no responsibility for them. Running them is at your own risk. Especially in the environment of nuclear power plants, Mars satellites, space stations, and aeroplanes, AUGOS should better not be started.

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